Ahoy there, me hearties!

Yarr, if it be not a glorious day today, then we'll all be damnèd to the bottom of the big briny blue, by Poseidon!

Ooh what wonders of delight do entertain my tongue this day, for it be on this day every year that all who truly know the will of the great Ocean do speak in tongues most hallowed, namely-be, those of great buccaneers past, who lay now moistened in their watery graves. Ay, but be not saddened by their loss, for they now support our vessels by their capacity to do good from beyond their demise, and thus accordingly we do attempt to remember them, by commandeering their most endearing parlance, yay!

Today, after all be spoken and enacted, be International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

What say ye? Knew ye not of this wondrous occasion? Yarr, that be a mighty shame indeed, for it be coincidentally a fine opportunity for a holiday of the pastafarian sort, which will no doubt be combined into an extended 3-day midweek break, leading up to that holiest of holidays, Friday, which should naturally come to pass so conveniently, as was the ultimate will of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, just in time for the weekend.

So raise yer ale, rum, cider or grog in a toast with me this day, and say ye all, "Arrrr!".



While you wait for my postings about Australia (totally cool new blogger feature: video posting!), check this out: www.dhmo.org BAN IT!

Testing the vid function, a couplde of nice cars I saw at the Millau viaduct in July.

Need to work on layouts.


Je suis a St Gapour!

Just thought I would do this, because I can...

It's 7:15 am and I'm posting this from the free internet in Changi Airport, Singapour, which totally rocks. Of course I could be faking this, so you'll just have to trust me.

Only get to do this once in a lifetime I guess. Well, twice because I can do it again on the way back. Oh, didn't I mention this is a trip to Australia?! And no I don't fear that I've given away the fact that my house will be empty this whole time, because it won't be.

see www.intervac.com if you're curious.


Everyone do the raindance!

UPDATE: http://www.randi.org/jr/2007-06/061507.html#i2

Last week, James Randi reported that the Australian Prime Minister called for the whole country, in the face of a very serious drought the country is having, to "literally and without any irony, pray for rain over the next six to eight weeks."

Today on the BBC there is a news story about how six people have been confirmed deceased and two more are still missing after a huge storm has hit the east coast of Australia.

"This is the worst storm and the worst damage our electricity network has seen for more than 30 years," EnergyAustralia executive general manager Geoff Lilliss was quoted as saying by the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.

I'm not entirely sure this is what Mr Howard had in mind... Maybe too many people prayed and God overcompensated? Or perhaps He got grouchy because all the voices in His Holy Head woke Him up. He is a vengeful god after all.

Or maybe, just maybe, -now, hold on to yourselves, this is going to be quite a shocking new idea here- maybe... God is imaginary and weather follows the Second Law of Thermodynamics which states: "shit happens".

Watch this space in case Mr Randi uses my information in a future Swift.

Randi's Swift for June 1, 2007: http://www.randi.org/jr/2007-06/060107.html

The BBC news story: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/6736687.stm


Translation work

I've begun pimping my bilingual self out on YouTube with this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjbOEAg2ZsM

Within an hour it had 2 honours, now it's up to 6 including #2 top rated in French today, the first one being another copy of the same video without the subtitles. The reason for the success is the fame of the original video I subtitled, which is by CapnOAwesome, who has like 5000 subscribers. He faved my version and put it in his video log, so it's going to get quite a bit of attention. The feedback so far has been great.

Might start doing this a lot, it's fun and easy and gets me some attention :p

Oh and apologies for the horrendous name-dropping, but this guy's feature video is of him preaching the Word of the Flying Spaghetti Monster after all, so he gets my vote just from that ^^


Parlay Franssay nay pa fassil

I'm quite impressed:


What you think you know.

The short-enough-to-read-immediately article here is very good at explaining why psychologists are the professional group least likely to believe in ghosts, amongst other things (if you don't understand the connection, maybe it's you!).

I apply the same sort of thing to fairies, God, and geography.


French elections

I realised I could just post my comments from the varioous forums I'm on as content for this blog, because they're the whole reason why I dried up here in the first place!

"By the way, the exit polls (non-official, but usually very reliable) gave:
- Sarkozy 30%
- Royal 25%
(these first two are through to the second round in a few weeks' time)
- Bayrou 18%
- Le Pen 11%
- all other candidates (all 8 of them) 16%

The absolute official report, which is expected to confirm these, is published on the evening of the 25th April.

It was the biggest turn-out for an election since 1981, with 84% of registered voters participating.
he good news is more than half the voters voted for the two candidates that got through ((30+25)>50), unlike in 2002 when there had been 16 candidates andthe top two only got like 35% of a poor turn-out between them.

Its expected that Sarkozy will get Le Pen's votes, Royal will get the 3 communist parties' and other socailist-ish's votes, and it'll all come down to how Bayrou's voters go.

(Anyone looking for the absolute best figures should check the french government's webpage.)"


Multilinguism at its best

Here's the speech Chris and Greg made to present themselves and our school to the other participants to Euroscola!

Theirs was waaaaaaay better than any of the others.


Hardly surprising...

Despite what his predecessor, the evil atheist John-Paul II, said, it seems Pope Benedict XVI ("Paparazzi" as he's known to the German press) has changed official Vatican policy about yet another thing: the theory of evolution by natural selection as a means to explain biodervsity, is no longer valid, apparently. James Randi reports and comments on the quotes here.

I suppose there's really no point in suggesting to him the other "alternative" to evolution, that is to say Flying Spaghetti Monster creationism.